About us

The spark was lighted in first weeks of studying microbiology, where a renowned professor. F.V. Nekrep PhD, introduced us to bacteriophages, which, to my amaze, were not widely used. This opened my eyes to various possibilities of how nature addresses battle against pathogenic microbes and how aggressive is our coexistence with them. Even though they are obviously giving us signs of our mistreat against them, we rarely listen. More and more is becoming clear that the only sustainable solution is understanding beneficial and address only pathogenic microbes. This requires precision and broad understanding of this field. The goal of the company is to address rising issue of antimicrobial resistance microbe by microbe for a better world.

Our company is dedicated to creative problem solving. Our scope is to find innovative solutions for microbe-caused problems that occur in everyday activities. Hereby we avoid traditional ‘genocide’ against microbes but are focused on targeted approach, which focus on group of microbes or even better – a species. Therefore there is less impact on general microbial community and issues tend to not repeat. We offer solutions in fields from agronomy to medicine. We strive for sustainable solutions which have long term effects and lessen the evolutionary pressure on microbes. Our aim is to address rising issue of resistant microbes.

Klemen Božnik
Špela Zorko